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Join us in the comfort of your own home. Zoom can be used on a computer, laptop, or phone.

Stroller Strides & Stroller Barre

Stroller Strides®

Stroller Strides is a total fitness program that moms can do with their babies. It includes power walking and intervals of strength and body toning exercises using exercise tubing, the stroller and the environment.

Stroller Barre® 1 visit freeFrom $0 per visit with Virtual FREE Week pass

Stroller Barre® is a unique blend of ballet, Pilates, barre, yoga and stroller-based exercises designed to help moms build strength and muscle tone and improve posture.

Fit4Baby® 1 visit freeFrom $0 per visit with Virtual FREE Week pass

Fit4Baby: Helping soon-to-be mothers find the STRENGTH FOR MOTHERHOOD!
Fit4Baby is a program designed to strengthen the body for all the changes it will experience during pregnancy. These classes exclusively focus on pregnant moms!
Regular activity such as Fit4Baby classes can help to reduce many maternal aches and pains, increase energy during pregnancy and may speed the labor, delivery and recovery process.


Our Village Free

Our Village supports all moms, in all stages of motherhood. Each month activities are scheduled in your local area. Moms Night Out, playgroups, book clubs, family events, charitable events, and more are offered depending on your interests!
Check out our Facebook page(https://www.facebook.com/fit4momolympia ) or sign up for our newsletter for more information.

Moms' Night In Free

Time for mom-only, kid-free fun! Each month a different activity is planned for moms only. The activities and venues change each month, but the fun and friends are always present!

Body Back Membership

Body Boost $15 per classFrom $11 per visit with 10-Class FitPass passNo purchase required to enroll

This kid-free, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style workout challenges you physically. We can't promise you a secret formula because there isn't one. Instead, we're going to challenge and support you because we already know in our bones that you are capable of amazing things.

The details:

  • These are high impact, HIIT workouts. You're going to work hard, and you're going to sweat. What's HIIT? It means, you alternate between intervals of high intensity work with recovery intervals. You're cranking up your heart rate and working hard, and getting your body into that optimal calorie burning mode. Oh yeah, and those "recovery intervals"? That's when we strength train, so you're getting the full package!
  • This program is indeed friendly to breastfeeding moms.
  • All Levels is KID FREE. Take this hour for you! And because it's kid free, class times are either early morning or late evening, so this can accommodate our working moms too.